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After living in Jersey for just over two years, I had fallen pregnant with my first child. Being in a new country, away from family and friends, I always knew it was a special moment I would want to capture in a photo shoot, and even more so now, but first... I needed the perfect dress (as any occasion often calls for). I knew I wanted something that would make me feel elegant, beautiful and even graceful while sporting my very pregnant figure. As I started looking around nothing quite caught my eye the same way the dresses I knew were available in South Africa did, and thus sparked my quest to get a specially curated collection of dresses to the UK & Channel Islands for every woman to wear, and so... with the help of bump, my hubby & sister, Fancify was born (no pun intended). Our rental collection is specially designed and handmade by the talented designer Jana Meintjies. Each dress is made to be the centerpiece of all different kinds of photo shoots: maternity, engagements, family, couple shoots or dare I say the perfect selfie. The beauty of these dresses is that they do not require any alterations to fit every client’s exact hemline, so one-size-fits-most. As the famous Yves Saint Laurent said “What is important in a DRESS is the WOMAN who’s wearing it” and we cannot wait to Fancify you as you capture a special moment in your life.

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“ I am a romantic, a visionary and a perfectionist but the art comes first and my work will always reflect that. In my studio, I am surrounded by treasures I have collected from my travels all over the world. The moment I pick up a piece of fabric is the moment the whole world dissolves. In my mind, a song starts playing… I am alone, surrounded by lace, chiffon, tulle. Nothing exists but the fabric and that song that playing in my mind. I carefully store away the treasure I found in this piece of fabric and it goes into the back of my mind, momentarily forgotten but not forlorn. Years down the line, I am sitting in my studio and the song starts playing again, I rediscover this treasure. Finally, the perfect client, the perfect moment has arrived for this treasured piece of fabric. It’s serendipity. What you see in my designs is a life dedicated to creation. It is reflected in my craft, in my home and in my every breathing moment. It's fourteen years of hard-earned experience, all the places that my travels have taken me, the lessons life has taught me and how I have been changed by it. I have an absolute abundant love for textile, something so deep and intimate that it becomes an obsession." (Jana Meintjies)