- Our Closet is Yours -

Looking for something new to wear, for that special once in a lifetime photoshoot? Then Fancify is perfect for you, as now you don’t need to add another “wear only once” dress to the pile you already have…Our closet is Yours!


Not only do we solve the problem of “what do I wear?”, but , most importantly we believe you’ll feel spectacular while wearing one of our couture pieces. Each exquisite dress is ready to be the centerpiece of all your special occasions, styling sessions & photo shoots… in the wise words of Coco Chanel ” Dress shabbily, they remember the dress; Dress Impeccably, they remember the woman”

- When to Rent a Dress -

    Our range of dresses will make a bold statement as you confidently strut your stuff! They are specially designed to suit all body types and avoid the need for tailoring or alteration. Each dress crafted by our designer, Silver Swallow, is an inspired, handmade couture garment carefully constructed to bring endless joy to those it will one day meet. Great to wear for:



    – Engagement / Couple Shoots

    – Maternity Shoots

    – Family Shoots or  

    – Portfolio shoots


    – Charity Balls

    – Gala Events

    – Awards Evenings



    – Product Placements

    – Advertising

    – Staging

    - How to Book a Dress -


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    - Testimonials -

    As a Grandmother I did not think a dress like this would work for me, but I'm glad I was wrong! I have not felt this glamorous in so long. The dresses are beyond beautiful, so flattering and simply gorgeous. Thank you for all your assistance, I'm sure I'll see you again.
    I don't normally go for a dress, or wish to wear one, but these dresses were exquisite. They are a pleasure to wear, feel amazing and have so much material to play with, making the shoot so much fun. Fancify is on the top of my list next time I need a dress. Thanks so much!
    Ladies, thank you so much for going out of your way for me and answering all my questions. The dress was absolutely exquisite and I felt so confident and comfortable wearing it. I cannot wait until I have a new excuse to wear one of your dresses.

    - Are you a Photographer? -

    We love photographers, and how you are there to capture moments that will be gone forever. We’ve seen first hand how as a photographer you are always looking for inspiration, new ideas and trying to build up your own wardrobe! 


    So, why not let Fancify help you? Our dresses ignite passion & creativity, come see them and you shall see why! One dress, endless possibilities. 


    We can’t wait for you to contact us, so we can work together to come up with the perfect package that works for you and your business, and see the magic you create for your clients wearing one of our dresses. 

    - Our 3 R's -

    Rent - Reuse- Reduce

    Clothing purchased and worn for photoshoots & special occasions are seldom worn again. How many dresses do you currently have that have only been worn once? Personally I know I have a few, and that is why we are so passionate about Fancify.

    By renting, we can all have an impact, even if small, on reducing the effects of fast fashion on the environment & give each couture dress a prolonged fabulous life as it continuously brings smiles to all that it will one day meet, rather than ending up in a landfill.

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